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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cara2 yg betul n salah semasa workout

Cara2 yg betul n salah masa kita workout...tengok video nie

Masalah aku nafsu makan yg sangat buas camna nk control nie.....Tolonggggg

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workout 2 - arm exercises

Workout 2 - arm exercises

Salam semua so sapa2 yg rasa lengan dah mcm pic nie so rasa nk kecilkan leh la joint tgk video nie...senang n simple jer....jng tgk sj ye mesti kena buat...

video for arm exercises :

so nanti leh la lengan jd kecil cam gini....jom pakai jaga kesihatan agar kita ringan utk mengerjakan ibadat insyallah Amin, niat mesti betul Allah akan bantu kita insyallah.

bestkan dpt kecilkan lengan, lengan cam gini pun ok dah..ceria ajer dia body dah slim

Ok wait for next workout bye3 wassalam

Selamat Hari Raya Qurban

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Flat stomach exercises working less than 10 minutes a day. Abdominals.

Basic abdominal and repetitions
These exercises tone the rectus abdominis, which runs through all the front of the abdomen. If you raise your head and shoulders, this muscle will contract on both sides.

Don't perform this exercises if you have an injury of your neck.

TIP 1: When performing the exercise don't place your hands on your nape so that you don't produce a force that may harm your neck or cervicals.

TIP 2: This are basic rules when making abdominals:
+ Always keep your knees flexed.
+ Expire when you start the movement and inspire when turning to the initial position.
+ Never hold your breath during the movement (that could increase the blood pressure).
+ Make each exercise slow and controlled.
+ Is best to look for a comfortable flat surface. The use of an exercise pad and a towel or small pillow is recommended.

Basic abdominal.

This exercise represents low effort and great results in a short time.

1) Initial position. Lay down on the surface, with your back touching the pad. Place a small pillow below your neck. Place your feet to the surface or floor and separate them (align to your hips). Flex your knees and put your hands on your thighs.

Keep your spine straight in a neutral position and contract the abdominal muscles. Flex the spine raising your head and shoulders to produce an angle of 30° from the ground.

When you move, your hands will slide by your thighs. Keep the lumbar zone on the ground all the time and recover slowly to go back to the initial position.

TIP: If you want to intensify the effect, cross your hands over your chest while you flex the spine. If you can do that easily, place your hands at the sides of the head so that you increase the resistance.

Abdominal with repetitions.

This exercise is a variation of the basic abdominal and helps you work out the muscle rectus abdominis with more intensity thanks to the repetition of the most intensive part of the exercise.

1) Go to the initial position, but instead of placing the hands on your thighs, let your arms go to each side of your legs (palms must be looking down). Keep your spine in a neutral position.

2) Contract the abdominal muscles. Start the flexion raising your head and blades from the ground while you stretch your arms forward.

3) You must raise like 30° from the ground. Then, extend your arms and make movements forward and backwards from this position.

4) Repeat the movement several times and turn to the initial position.

You will measure how many times you can perform this exercise. While you become stronger, you can increase the number of repetitions. If you feel good and strong, you can even produce different series with a resting period of 5 seconds between each one.


Sy duk try workout yg ini tunjuk ajar dari cik maznah...heheheh lov u
Tunggu utk next workout bye3 Wassalam

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